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CyberPodEU ist der europäische Podcast, der sich mit aktuellen Themen rund um die Cybersicherheit beschäftigt. Der Gastgeber Gergely Lesku vom Cybersicherheitsanbieter SOCWISE begrüßt internationale Experten, um die brennenden Fragen und neuesten Entwicklungen im Bereich der IT-Sicherheit zu diskutieren. Angesichts des internationalen Charakters der Cyberkriminalität müssen wir auch grenzüberschreitend denken, um Angriffe zu verhindern und vor allem, um in Sicherheit zu bleiben.

#13 Generative AI security

Challenges of SW development security and DevOps

In the 13th episode of our podcast, Matt van Italie, CEO of Sema is our guest again! We're talking about Sema’s product which collects comprehensive data about the state of codebases, including security, team, and code quality. Enjoy!

00:00-00:18 Intro
00:19-03:10 Introduction
03:11-05:20 Enterprise level tool for CTO-s
05:21-12:14 Generative AI
12:15-16:38 Code base health
16:38-21:36 Security persepectives of GenAI
21:37-31:25 The optimal level of cybersecurity protection
31:26-41:44 Headline of the week: Ledger dApp supply chain attack
41:45-42:47 GenAI challenges in 2024
42:48-44:00 Outlook and outro
In the 12th episode of our podcast, Steffen Behnke, Head of IT at Prefere Resins is our guest again! We're talking about cloud security, devsecops and the recent Microsoft attacks. Enjoy!

00:00-00:18 Intro
00:19-01:43 Introduction
01:44–27:43 Cloud security
27:44–35:29 DevSeCops
35:30-43:26 Headline of the week: Microsoft vulnerability
43:27- 46:28 SASE solutions
46:29 Outlook and outro
In the 11th episode our host, Gergely Lesku welcomes Helmut Wahrmann, Presales Manager Europe North at NetWitness, to talk about artifical intelligence, ChatGPT and BSI large language models. Enjoy listening!

00:47 Intro
00:48-06:03 Introduction
06:04–13:57 Brief introduction to Artificial Intelligence
13:58–34:56 Chat GPT
34:57–40:33 Headline of the week: BSI large language models
40:34 Outlook and outro
In episode #10 of CyberPod our host, Gergely Lesku welcomes Steffen Behnke, Head of IT at Prefere Resins, to talk about cybersecurity in manufacturing, Germany's Mittelstand, about the CIO of the Year competition and the recent breach at ABB. 
Enjoy listening!

00:00-00:52 Intro
00:53-10:03 Introduction
10:04-28:22 Manufacturing industry cybersecurity challenges
28:23-34:01 German Mittelstand
34:02-42:08 CIO of the Year
42:09-49:02 Headline of the week: recent ABB attack comments
49:03-51:02 Outlook and outro
We open the second episode of CyberPod with Roxana Magdo, who was already our guest. Roxana is the EMEA Business Development Director of the Ixia Solutions Group at Keysight. This time we're not talking about NATO EDGE, but about threat visibility in OT networks. Enjoy!
00:00-06:04 Intro
06:05-12:39 Roxana's first memories of OT-specific attacks and defense solutions
12:40-20:52 Recent attacks and lessons learned
20:53-28:52 How Keysight and Ixia can support customers
28:53 -36:14 Headline of the week: Rockwell incident
36:15-39:02 Stopping an OT attack - hands on demo hybrid webinar
39:03-40:33 Outlook and outro
In the 8th episode, our CEO Greg sat down with Johannes Kresse, CEO of sequrium GmbH, to discuss one of the crucial megatrends in cybersecurity: automation!
00:21 – 03:28: Intro
03:29-08:24: Automation in the security context and its advantages
08:25- 13:51: Implementation of security automation
13:52-15:57: Expectations of customers wanting to implement a SOC/SOAR
15:58-17:17: How automation can help solve the skills shortage
17:18-21:32: Headline of the week: Demand for strategic security consulting is growing strongly by Silicon and importance of consultancy for automation projects
21:32-27:04: Areas which can be automated best & the role of automation in SOCs
27:05-31:24: Threat intelligence
31:25-34:25: Outlook and outro
In the 7th episode, Roxana Magdo, EMEA Business Development Director, Ixia Solutions Group at Keysight, joined Greg for the second special on the NATO Edge Conference.
What are the biggest take-aways from the Conference and what are the latest trends in the current cybersecurity world?

00:41-05:34: Introduction of Roxana and Keysight
05:35-06:30: Reasons for participating at NATO Edge
06:31-08:04: Advantages of participating in events
07:41-10:55: Expectation vs. reality of NATO Edge
10:56-20:21: Technological trends
20:22-22:50: Cybersecurity in industrial segments and of defense players
22:51-25:30: Most important aspects of European collaboration to ensure cybersecurity
25:31-28:03: Invitation and outro
This episode focused on NATO. What does the future hold for NATO's cybersecurity structures? What are the challenges that NCI Agency faces today and tomorrow?
These and many other questions can be answered by Craig Smith, Senior Recruitment Consultant International Government and Defence Division at LA International Computer Consultants Ltd.

00:46-06:13: Introduction
06:13-08:44: Cybersecurity compartments of NATO
08:45-13:08: Reasons for participating at NATO Edge
13:09-18:14: Threats and changes in terms of cybersecurity technologies
18:15-26:35: Key takeaways and outlook
26:36-28:39: Funniest moment of NATO Edge
28:40-29:17: Outro
In the 5th episode of the Cyberpod, our colleague Greg sat down with Ralf Reinhardt to talk about Pentesting.
What’s the value of Pentesting and why should companies always resort to external testers?

00:49-05:31: Introduction
05:32-13:27: Penetration testing, Red Teaming, Vulnerability Scanning and their differences
13:28-18:53: Advantages of pentesting
18:54-23:43: Headline of the week: Only one in two companies has a contingency plan for cyberattacks by Security Insider.
23:44-28:09: Development of pentesting and incident response
28:10-36:57: Recommendations for responding to ransomware attacks
36:57-43:50: Role of regulations to improve cyber resilience on a European level
43:51-44:48: Outro
Resilience as a key-factor in the fight against cybercrime and the progress of cybersecurity policies in the EU - Together with his guest Sven Herpig, Head of International Cybersecurity Policy at stiftung neue verantwortung, Gergely Lesku discusses these and more topics around the Cybersecurity Architecture study.

00:43-01:51 Introduction
01:52-10:13: Cybersecurity Architecture study
10:14-12:52: Updates and developments of the study
12:53-21:43: Headline of the week: Cybersecurity wish list by Sueddeutsche Zeitung
21:44-25:22: Progress of cybersecurity policies in Germany
25:23-34:54: Hackbacks
34:55-34:49: Ways to improve European legislative structures
34:50-38:27: Outro
In the 3rd episode of our podcast, our colleague Gergely Lesku and Thomas Lang from INTARGIA Managementberatung are talking about the NIS2 Directive and critical infrastructure.

00:48-02:23 Introduction
02:23-04:50 Career paths Thomas Lang and Intargia
04:50-08:06 Cybersecurity stories
08:06-21:50 About NIS 2.0
21:50-25:25 Headline of the week: “Healthcare particularly at risk” by Security Insider
25:25-36:58 NIS 2.0 and critical infrastructure
In the 2nd episode of the Cyberpod, Gergely Lesku and Morgan Alexander, Head of Cyber Forensics at QUANTUM cyber lab AG, are talking about when their own employees, customers and partners are acting as insider threats within the company.

04:15 Stories about „insider threats“
11:00 Weaknesses and motivation
14:50 Headline of the week: “Home Working Drives 44% Surge in Insider Threats” by InfoSecurity Magazine
24:40 Prevention of Cybercrime
In the 1st episode our host Gergely Lesku is talking with Christoph Bechtel, Sales Director at SCADAfence about Israel and its business culture, SCADAfence - The OT & IoT Cybersecurity Company, career paths for young professionals, remote work and outsourcing a company’s cybersecurity because of expertise shortage.

00:45 Introduction 
04:00 Cybersecurity in Israel 
05:15 SCADAfence
11:30 Headline of the week: “Skills shortage threatens cybersecurity in 85 percent of all companies” published by the German Medium t3n from June 1st. 
31:00 Challenges of cybersecurity in the future

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