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How SOAR solves the SOC problem

As cybersecurity threats grow in number and become more sophisticated, more and more companies run into what is commonly referred to as the ‘SOC problem’. In just a decade, the number of discovered incidents increased twenty-fold, starting from 47 million malicious software registered in 2010 to more than 925 million at present. With threats emerging at such an alarming rate, security operations centers frequently face challenges in the areas of alert frequency, time efficiency, tool fragmentation, and lack of visibility, resulting in a high number of unmanaged incidents.
See how security orchestration, automation, and response – or SOAR – helps bring together SOCs’ people, process, and technology pillars, accelerating incident response using standardized and automated playbooks.
You will learn more about the challenges security operations centers face, and how SOAR can help remedy emerging issues.
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