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Balázs Imre CEO MAnaging Director of SOCWISE
Balázs Imre is the Managing Director of SOCWISE and the CTO of the InfoSec Division at EURO ONE Zrt, the parent company of SOCWISE.

Balázs, has been dealing with IT since 1998 and focusing on IT Security since 2004.
He is the leader of diverse high profile cyber security related engineering and advisory teams and the MSSP service centre.
His daily job includes technical leadership, product/service developments, education planning, and the everyday financial, HR and operational issues. He is an expert in designing, implementing, documenting and troubleshooting diverse IT networking and security solutions, and has a massive practice of architecting designs and advising customers around RSA NetWitness solutions.
His way of thinking is business and customer focused with consultative approach.
Péter Sajó is the Managing Director of SOCWISE and the Director of the InfoSec Division at EURO ONE Zrt, the parent company of SOCWISE.

Péter has been dealing with IT security solutions for 15 years. He has created and has been leading the EURO ONE InfoSec business unit for more than 12 years. His team has now developed into a department of almost 40 cyber security experts registered at European level, which takes part in the construction and development of advanced cyber security monitoring systems from Estonia to South Africa.

SOCWISE is the international actor of EURO ONE Infosec team, providing companies consulting, engineering and managed security service so to secure and maintain their enterprise information value.

The EURO ONE Computing Inc., as member of the Bravogroup Holding, has been a leader in the Hungarian IT market since 25 years. Increasing its sales every year, it has become one of largest Hungarian-owned IT companies. SOCWISE Kft. and and SOCWISE International GmbH. are subsidiaries of this cybersecurity focused line of business.

In the cyber security business line the EURO ONE professional team has been productive in the design, development and operation of Comprehensive Security Incident monitoring and management systems (SIEMs) and Advanced Operations Centers (SOCs) for more than 15 years. Through our projects with cyber security responsible oragnizations of domestic and international companies, our experts gained a wealth of experience in engineering, consultancy and analytics. This experience gives us a huge advantage over our competitors. This special know-how assures our clients that the quality of our services meets the highest professional standards.

"The quality of the service is determined by the ability and experience of the professionals working in it"

More than 15 years of integrator experience

We evolved our SOC team so, that we are able to utilize the experience and knowledge form the national and international market throught the integrator and consultant projects in our managed services as effective as possible. We evolved our SOC team so, that in our managed services we are able to effectively utilize the knowledge gathered through implementation, integration and consulting projects on national and international market.

Unique approach

There's a strong interoperation between the SOC’s analytics team and the Engineering, Incident Response, and Cyber Defense consultant teams. Thos teams are generally working on SOC implementation project. As a result, our analysts have the opportunity to take part also in several complex implementation projects and also it is natural for them to get immediate in depth support from our consultant and engineer colleagues.


Due to the confidentiality of information, our company and most of our experts have a national security clearance and a site security certificate.
Our company reached ISO 9001, 14001 certifications and currently ISO 27001 implementation is running.

The engineering and analyst teams have various vendor certificates.