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The quality of the service is determined by the ability and experience of the professionals working in it!

More than 15 years of integrator experience

We evolved our SOC team so, that we are able to utilize the experience and knowledge form the national and international market throught the integrator and consultant projects in our managed services as effective as possible. We evolved our SOC team so, that in our managed services we are able to effectively utilize the knowledge gathered through integration and consulting projects on national and international market.

Unique approach

Overlaps have been made between the SOC’s analytics team and the Engineering, Incident Response, and consultant groups (Advanced Cyber Defense Team) who are working on integrator projects. As a result, our analysts have the opportunity to take part in implementation projects or to get immediate in depth support from our process consultant, security investigator colleagues.


Due to the confidentiality of information, our company and most of our experts have a national security clearance and a site security certificate.