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New draft EU legislation on the implementing regulation for the NIS2 Directive

Explore the new EU legislation for the NIS2 Directive, enhancing cybersecurity for digital infrastructure, digital providers and ICT services sector.
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Thoughtful OT Cybersecurity Solutions from TXOne

TXOne Networks was established in November 2018 as the shared subsidiary of IT security solution provider Trend Micro and renowned OT automation company Moxa, thus creating a notable player in the OT cybersecurity market.
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The importance of IT inventories

If we would ask colleagues working in the field of information security, they would surely be able to point to several neglected areas and issues in their own field that need more attention. If you were to ask me, I would mention IT asset inventories, in this context IT asset, system and application inventories, which […]
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Use of threat reports in information security risk assessments

In this article, I would like to summarise how to replace the often run-of-the-mill, template-based risk assessments that are often produced on the fly due to compliance pressure on organisations, with real value-added assessments that consider real threats. This article is not intended to provide a detailed description of risk management methodologies and processes. Risk […]
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The relationship of ChatGPT and GDPR

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) is not new; originally appearing in science fiction novels, AI has been in development for decades, with the first working chatting bot appearing as early as 1966. The reason why we hear it all the time now, is that with ChatGPT it is the first time that anyone can […]
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PCI-DSS: Protecting your card data

Historical background The rise of digital banking and credit card transactions has opened up an innovative, forward-looking, but also dangerous dimension that has quickly become an integral part of our everyday lives, both for its convenience and practicality. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine life without online shopping, PayPass, ATM cash withdrawals, but at […]
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Movies to reality: the pros and cons of ChatGPT

Now that ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot, is on tap, the sci-fi scenes of self-aware intelligent machines gleefully murdering the protagonist's family and friends, or trying to destroy and enslave all of humanity in a variety of ways, are bound to come to mind. This may be one of the reasons why people are sceptical […]
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Risk Assessment in Operational Technology – The most common risks and how to avoid them

First used in 2006 by Gartner, the term ‘operational technology’, or OT for short, is meant to talk about hardware and software that detects or causes a change, through the direct monitoring and/or control of industrial equipment, assets, processes, and events. As OT is closely associated with critical infrastructures such as utility control systems, cybersecurity […]
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All you need to know about TISAX

The background to the creation of TISAX The way businesses operate has been radically transformed in recent decades, with a huge increase in their dependence on IT. It is now unimaginable that a company does not use IT systems in almost any aspect of its operations. Its technical support requires an ever-increasing IT capacity, an […]
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