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Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA)

Brief Background The digitisation of the financial sector and paralelly its exposure is ever increasing. To date, different financial supervisors across the EU have addressed ICT risks in different ways and with different levels of effectiveness. EU Regulation 2022/2554 on digital operational resilience for the financial sector, officially known as the Digital Operational Resilience Act […]
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Steps for NIS 2 compliance

Following our previous articles on the NIS 2 Directive (hereafter: directive), in the next part of article series we will give you some practical advice on how to prepare for compliance. As you know, the deadline for transposition of the Directive into national law is October 2024, but there is no news yet on which […]
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The NIS2 Directive has been published. What’s next?

On 27th of December 2022, the Commission of the European Union published the NIS2 Directive (furthermore: Directive), which will enter into force on 16th of January 2023, and Member States have to transpose the provisions into their national legislation until 17th of October 2024. In this article, I will summarize what is new in the […]
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Malware reverse engineering in a SOC

Before we dive deep into malware reverse engineering (MRE), it’s worth talking a little about the steps that precede it. There are a multitude of technologies that were designed to help detect malicious codes, such as antivirus tools, EDR systems, and various kinds of sandboxes. These all utilize static and dynamic analysis techniques to reveal […]
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It’s not just tech – How criminal hacker organizations really work

When it comes to IT security, cybercrime prevention, or any other defensive measures organizations apply to protect themselves from hacker attacks, people usually think of firewalls, SIEM, SOAR, and XDR platforms, or even full-blown, high-tech security operation centers meticulously utilizing a combination of these pieces of technology. What’s interesting, however, is that hardly anyone thinks […]
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SOC Summit 2022

This year we held the SOC Summit in person in Munich on April 28 and 29, but the participants could join our conference live in Budapest or online. These two days were special for us not only because we had an event abroad for the first time, but also we received the Authorized European MSSP […]
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SOCWISE to host SOC Summit ‘22

Organized for the first time in 2019, Security Operations Center Summit Budapest quickly gained popularity in the cybersecurity community for being an outstanding platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration. With more than 150 international participants joining the first event (even though it wasn’t even meant to be international), it instantly became one of the most important […]
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SOCWISE has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013

„We proudly announce that SOCWISE has been certified to ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standard (ISMS). The preparation project ended with a successful audit, which resulted in the highlighting of several strengths. Such certification is a major milestone in the life of any organization, but in the cybersecurity industry, especially for a SOC, it is a basic […]
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Three-letter acronyms (or TLAs) have long ruled the IT sector, and the area of cybersecurity is no exception. As convenient as it is to shorten terms that would otherwise take much longer to say, there is undoubtedly another upside to resorting to TLAs when referring to solutions areas: a strong marketing aspect. In this article, […]
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