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Information security has been a major challenge for organizations since the dawn of the digital era. Today, however, several factors have combined to make security more challenging than ever before:

The rapid industry transition to virtualized and cloud-based infrastructure has effectively broken the traditional perimeter-based security approach.
Cyber threats have been commercialized for mass use, with many exploits originating in nation-state intelligence organizations.
Managing cyber risk has been elevated to a core business responsibility, not just an IT problem.


NetWitness recognizes and understands these challenges and offers evolved SIEM and threat defense tools and services that help organizations rapidly detect and respond to threats in this continuously evolving environment. 
An evolved SIEM accelerates threat detection and response, provides additional depth of visibility, and incorporates both threat intelligence and business context to help prioritize threats and security incidents. It provides:
Unparalleled visibility to see threats anywhere
Capabilities to instantly detect the full scope of an attack
Business context to enable analysts to rapidly respond to the threats that matter most
Whether the result of cybercriminals sending phishing or malware attacks through company emails, nation-states targeting organizations’ intellectual property or insiders misusing sensitive data, we live in a world where prevention of breaches has become impossible. Given the speed with which cybercriminals are able to create and execute new security threats globally, companies must change their approach to security.


Combines unparalleled visibility with threat and business context

NetWitness Platform analyzes data across an organizations’ logs, packets and endpoints as well as the behavior of people and processes on the network. The solution transforms that data into actionable threat insights to help pinpoint and mitigate advanced threats.
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Log management

NetWitness Logs gives you instant visibility into log data spread across your entire IT environment—simplifying threat detection and investigation, reducing attacker dwell time and supporting compliance.

Network detection and response

NetWitness Network provides real-time visibility into all your network traffic with full packet capture—enabling you to detect threats as they traverse your network and reconstruct entire network sessions.

Endpoint detection and response

NetWitness Endpoint offers deep visibility into activity across all of your endpoints, on and off your network, so you can cut the cost, time and scope of incident response.

User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)

NetWitness Detect AI is a SaaS offering that quickly detects unknown threats by applying advanced behavior analytics and machine learning to data captured by RSA NetWitness Platform.

Security orchestration and automation

NetWitness Orchestrator is a comprehensive security orchestration and automation solution designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your security operations center.
SOCWISE is the first EMEA RSA Advanced Management Security, SOC provider partner