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Today, trusted Security Surveillance is a business critical service, as in many cases, security issues, data leaks, and data loss can jeopardize the company's market value. It is in the interest of every company to ensure that your business is protected proportionately to the risks, and we support you in doing so.
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SOC involves a dedicated combination of technology tools, processes, and people to collect, manage, and investigate security incidents.
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Implementing a complete security monitoring system is expensive, and running it requires continuous resources, complex processes, and providing the necessary specialist resources is a major challenge.

Why do our partners choose us?

What I like in their SOC service is, that I can concentrate on strategic and management initiatives, as having the reports, we only need to participate at true positive, high severity incidents.
Actually team was so flexible, that they answered any security related requests that I ever made.
Péter Streit – CISO – Cetelem Bank
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we provide always a precisely tailored service
We are an EU Service Center, prepared for GDPR, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS compliance
We utilize latest Machine Learning and AI features of leading defense tools
We full visibility – events, logs, packets and user behavior
MITTRE Att&ack framework is used for use case and rule management
We also have a unique solution for industrial environments (OT)
Up to 7x24 operations, in tailored SLA model
Vulnerabilty management – threat risk based approach
CTI service and consulting
On premise and remote service available
Our solution is highly scalable

SOC as a service

Extensive experience, continuously developing knowledge base.

We have developed our solution to provide our customers with a complete Security Management solution as a standard service, which can be upgraded to a full range of outsourced services by increasing the service package if required.

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Malware reverse engineering in a SOC

Before we dive deep into malware reverse engineering (MRE), it’s worth talking a little about the steps that precede it. There are a multitude of technologies that were designed to help detect malicious codes, such as antivirus tools, EDR systems, and various kinds of sandboxes. These all utilize static and dynamic analysis techniques to reveal […]
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It’s not just tech – How criminal hacker organizations really work

When it comes to IT security, cybercrime prevention, or any other defensive measures organizations apply to protect themselves from hacker attacks, people usually think of firewalls, SIEM, SOAR, and XDR platforms, or even full-blown, high-tech security operation centers meticulously utilizing a combination of these pieces of technology. What’s interesting, however, is that hardly anyone thinks […]
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