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Why do companies perform weaker in Response?

Hüvelyes Péter
As you can read in another blog post from earlier, SOCWISE developed a framework for measuring the maturity of Security Operations activities. We created the questionnaire in RSA Archer GRC tool, then filled it together with several organizations, then evaluated (semi-automatized) them. Based on the framework result data, in this post we highlight the area […]
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Measurement based development approach to get your SOC to the next level

Hüvelyes Péter
The most common motivations behind the development of a SOC are the need to centralize cybersecurity operations, to improve the visibility of the organization as a whole, the need to manage ever-increasing risks, to improve threat detection and to reduce exposure to threats. In addition, laws and regulations may also define centralized cyber defense monitoring and operations.
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Keep Calm and Respond - Practical Guide to Cyber Security Incident Response

Szabó Gábor
The intention of this blog post is to provide an overview about the general concepts of Cyber Security Incident Management starting from its definition through an explanation on how does cyber security incident management fits into the domains of cyber security as well as what are the vital steps that should be followed during the handling of a cyber security incident.
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